Fighter Threadless End
Fighter Threadless End
Fighter Threadless End

Fighter Threadless End

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All pin ends are tested and pre-bent upon ship out. Due to strict health regulations foe body jewelry, all sales are final; there will be no returns for hygienic reasons.


14K Gold Threadless End - ribbon, bow

Overall size: 4mm x 7mm

Angie from Modern Body Studio reached out to us to share her story about her daughter’s lymphoma cancer diagnosis in 2017.

Unfortunately, as many of us know, cancer treatments are an incredibly mentally and physically tough process for both the patient and their loved ones.

Thankfully, just over three years later, Angie’s daughter is doing much better! She is now an 11-year-old teen going to school, and check-ups have been good!

Angie expressed her desire to give back to those charities that are working hard to help people affected by cancer, and we are so honoured she reached out to us to make a ribbon-shaped piece to raise awareness for cancer.

Angie’s story has inspired us to create this piece: Fighter.

Fighter is a super high-polished 14k 3D ribbon that’s more than just a pretty bow. 

Sold per piece; labret back sold separately 

Compatible with Threadless LabretsNipple and Industrial Bars, and Curved Threadless Barbells


Jewelry should be properly cleaned from time to time with a polishing cloth to maintain the product.