Piercing Jewelry Fit How-tos

For piercings to look and feel their best, it is important to wear appropriately sized piercing jewelry. We've compiled a guide to help you choose jewelry that’s fits perfectly! 

How do I know what's a suitable back/post for my piercing? What is a suitable hoop size for my piercing?

Everyone has a unique anatomy, which is why piercing jewelry comes in a range of sizes. The most accurate way of finding your actual size is to visit a reputable piercer in your area who can fit it for you properly, especially if your piercing is not fully healed yet. 

What is post length and gauge? How do you measure the size of hoops?

Post length is the measurement of a post from the tip of the post until where it connects to the disk/ball back. Gauge is the measurement of how thick the post is. The standard measurement of hoops is the inner diameter.

How do I change my jewelry?

Changing your jewelry depends on the type of jewelry you are wearing. Below are the steps for changing different types of piercing jewelry:

Threaded Jewelry

Threaded jewelry means that a threaded end, which is the front of your jewelry piece, goes into a threaded post. It is locked into place by screwing the front end into the back in a clockwise direction. To remove, twist the front end from the back in a counter clockwise direction.

Threadless Jewelry

Threadless jewelry has no threading. This is also known as push-fit or press-fit jewelry. The threadless end is pre-bent, then goes into a threadless labret. It stays firmly in place due to the tensile force from the bend of the pin.

Seamless Clickers

Seamless clickers snap into a perfect hoop, and open through a hinged segment. It opens by locating the hinge and the line of the segment, and pulling that segment to open while holding the rest of the hoop firmly. To close, simply align the segment and push together to close the clasp.

Seam Rings

Seam rings are opened by locating the seam where the 2 ends meet, and holding each side (one on each hand). Then gently twist one side towards you and the other side away from you, creating a twisted look.

To close, gently twist both ends back into place following the original form until the seams align perfectly to avoid injury from exposed ends.