Before Getting Pierced

Things to consider

  • Downpayment. We require a non-refundable P2000 (consumable) down payment for new clients to reserve their appointments.
  • Age. Piercing Day will only pierce those 18 and older. For those under 18, we will need to secure your parent/legal guardian’s consent. You will need a consent letter signed by your parent/legal guardian, and for your parent/legal guardian to accompany you on the day of your piercing.
  • Health Conditions we should know about. Assess if you have/are/on the following below. Depending on the condition, we may or may not be able to pierce you.
    • Allergies, existing skin irritation, or lesions on the target piercing area
    • Keloids
    • Epilepsy 
    • Hemophilia
    • Hepatitis or other communicable diseases
    • Hypertrophic Scarring
    • Psoriasis
    • Medications that thin the blood
    • Pregnancy
    • Nursing for less than 12 months
  • Healing Times. Before you decide to get a piercing, please research on the average healing times for each body part. Everyone is different, so it may take shorter or longer depending on the individual.
  • Aftercare. Body piercing is a serious decision. Most of the ‘work’ goes to aftercare. The better the aftercare, the faster the healing time. Please check out our Aftercare Guide to see if the recommended aftercare regimen can affect your current lifestyle.


Day of the Piercing

  • Check out our complete Before You Pierce guide.
  • Be on time. Late arrival, no piercing.
  • Disclose all known health conditions with the piercer.
  • Bring the following:
    • Your (or your parent/legal guardian’s) valid ID
    • An open mind 😉


    What to Expect

    • We will explain the whole piercing process to you and get your approval to proceed.
    • We will assess your unique body anatomy and recommend which piercing placement and starter jewelry will suit you best.
    • After the piercing, we will familiarize you with aftercare routines for your new piercing.
    • We will be checking in on you for the next few months to make sure your piercings heal well!